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To send a message to Jeff regarding requests, fan mail, etc.,
please use the following address:

Jeff Bridges
c/o Rick Kurtzman
2000 Avenue of
the Stars
Los Angeles, CA 90067

When requesting autographed photos, please include a stamped, addressed envelope (or international reply coupon) - thanks! Sometimes fan mail takes a long time (a VERY long time!) to respond to, especially when Jeff is working - please be patient.


For information about Jeff's photographs, please contact Loretta Ayeroff at:

Jeff Bridges Photography Archive
Los Angeles, CA


Unfortunately, sending unsolicited scripts to an agent is usually unsuccessful.
Jeff suggests trying Kevin Spacey's TriggerStreet
Good luck!

For publicity questions, please contact Jean Sievers at
Beachwood Entertainment Collective


For all other queries, please email Jeff's assistant, Becky





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